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In Stock Suit Separates Available For Immediate Delivery.
My suits are sold in separates, allowing you to pick the perfect size up top and on the bottom.
Like a custom fit off the rack!


Finding an off the racks suit that fits perfectly can be difficult. Trouble arises when one piece of a suit needs to be altered more than a couple of inches. For matching pants for example, if they have to be altered more than 2 inches then you have the wrong size to begin with and you should opt for a different sized pant.

Johnny Custom suit separates to the rescue!

Suit separates are an elegant solution for those who need to find the right fit combination of jacket and matching pants. Instead of having to buy the pants the manufacturer deems to correspond with your jacket size, with my suit separates you can buy the two individual pieces and match for your perfect fit.

For example if you need a size 44 jacket but a size 32 pant, my separates can fill your requirement. Therefore, a much better fit. Otherwise, a tailor can take in the waist but many times he cannot get the crotch, seat or thighs to fit the way you want.

For those of us who aren’t built as proportionally, my suit separates give you the opportunity to build the ideal suit for your fit, without hassle.

My Ready to Wear In Stock Suit Separates give you the best value in the world of finer menswear. Available in 3 models with impeccable tailoring giving you a look of elegance and sophistication. I pride myself in details: Half Canvas, Pick stitching, hand sewn arm holes, exciting linings and trim accents, Italian tailoring and luxurious performance fabrics.

In all my years of Menswear this is the best quality/value suit in North America.

Offered in 8 colours, you must see this exceptional suit first!