Custom Suits


Made In Canada

The rising trend in men’s fashions is custom made clothing, especially among young professionals and entrepreneurs that want to look elegant and are unafraid to make a statement. When it comes to style and confidence, there’s no better match than a custom made suit to showcase your personal style and take you a step above other well-dressed men.

When it comes to proper fitting custom clothing, I have one purpose in mind; to enhance your personal style with unmatched one-on-one service. I am passionate about delivering the best value and quality in custom clothing.

For whatever occasion, corporate, job interview, wedding, special occasion, or you simply want to feel great in what you wear, you owe it to yourself to invest in a Johnny Custom suit.

Johnny Custom clothing offers you numerous style options with the fabric design. Exact measurements are taken to produce your very own personal pattern. My signature look is a peak lapel, pick stitching, contrast threads, special buttons, beautiful linings and surgeon’s cuffs (or working sleeve cuffs), the most known feature of a custom suit.

In my years of experience I would just cringe when a customer is told that his off the rack suit could be altered to fit. Altered, yes, fit, no! It may fit in the chest but that’s all. He did not realize that his coat and sleeves were too long, the shoulder points too wide. You can take in the pant waist but never have I seen a lower seat, crotch and thigh fit properly, always resulting in bagginess. The best part of buying a custom suit is that it is unique and made to complement your body and style.

I am going to save you time and effort and provide you convenience. Johnny Custom suits feature a vast selection of Italian fabrics from the premier mills, such as Barberis, Cerruti, Reda.

When you put on your first Johnny Custom suit you’re guaranteed to feel like a new person, experiencing what superb quality and exceptional service really mean. From the fabrics to the fit and the handcrafted stitching, once you go custom, nothing will feel the same.

Whether you find yourself in a board room, formal event, or your favourite beach cafe, my commitment assures you quality, style, superior fit and comfort!

I love assisting newlyweds and graduates to be.

I can visit you! Whether it be your office, home or my office.





Empire Clothing, based in Montreal, founded in 1917, continues to evolve its designs to dress the modern day Satorial man.

Empire garments are made from the finest fabrics from the best mills in italy, etc., allowing my customers to stand out and create lasting impressions.

 Empire custom suits are made using horse hair canvas, to achieve the perfect hanging suit, that will always be a cut above the rest. Horse hair is extremely sturdy used as a layer between your suit fabric to leave your suit sharp and supple for a comfortable fit and an impeccable look. This is a traditional technique that cannot be replicated by machine or off-the-rack.

Just beautiful custom clothing made in canada that i am so proud to offer you.



The inner layer of the suit that gives the garment its shape, structure and strength. Canvas is traditionally made from horsehair, woven together with wool or cotton. The picture above demonstrates the application of canvas in my jackets.


I offer half canvas garments in all of my suits. It is important that the canvas construction also extends to the jacket lapels. This is vital for giving the lapels the correct shape and support, as well as enabling a smooth lapel roll.